Quick Mix: Reach out to reluctant readers on World Book Night

January 22, 2012

Reluctant readers are the target of the second annual World Book Night to be held April 23, 2012. Begun in the United Kingdom last year, this distribution of free books is expanding to the United States and hopes eventually to be a worldwide event. Publishers, bookstores, the American Library Association and other organizations will supply volunteers with books to distribute to  non- and light readers. The 30 titles selected for the event include  The Hunger Games, Because of Winn Dixie and Friday Night Lights. The deadline to apply to be a volunteer is February 1. Visit the World Book Night website for more information.

Quick Mix: Mysterious appeal of getting rid of clutter

January 16, 2012

Image from Bill Keaggy's Junk Science website

Clearing out house clutter is mysteriously therapeutic. It is a particularly enticing activity at the beginning of the new year when we make resolutions and otherwise seek ways to get off to a good start. Speaking of clutter of a different sort, accessing the Internet can feel like rummaging through a Fibber McGee closet in need of serious sorting. But the library of the cybersphere also contains gems of delightful reading including Karen Bertelsen’s witty website, The Art of Doing Stuff.

Bertelsen almost always illustrates her how-to ideas with clear, colorful photos and turns the most mundane subjects into a hoot. Concerning the desire to declutter, Bertelsen cleans up a junk drawer in her post “Throw Away 50 Things Right Now.” She notes that the act of chucking stuff makes one feel “in control and organized and superior to all other beings.”

Quick Mix: Lemonade stand money helps Canadian library reopen

January 15, 2012

Rendering of Slave Lake Government Center/Library before fire

Less than a year after a devastating fire destroyed its library, the tiny community of Slave Lake in Alberta, Canada, is preparing to reopen in a temporary location on January 23, according to CBC Radio Canada.  The library, which was part of a new $35.8 million Government  Center that opened in 2010, burned down May 15, 2011. Before-and-after pictures of the destruction are available on the Wildfire Today website.

In a CBC interview, New Slave Lake Librarian Anne Moore notes that contributions of books and cash from people in  “many walks of life” — including a child who donated her lemonade-stand earnings —  are aiding the recovery. Congratulations, Slave Lake.

Quick Mix: A magical video about a mysterious bookstore

January 10, 2012

Thank you to Cheshire Library of Cheshire, Connecticut, for its tweet about this magical video published on YouTube by a clever husband and wife team. After the lights go out, the printed word dances on the shelves and tables of Type Books — an actual and, obviously, much loved bookstore in Toronto. View it here, and help it go viral.

Quick Mix: Bookworm Parents website is a treasure chest

February 18, 2011

Photo from bookwormparents.com

Parents who are looking for literacy resources and lesson plans should check out the Bookworm Parents website, administered by author and educator Judy Nichols. It offers a wide range of  worksheets, project plans, graphic organizers, seasonal verse, unit studies and a program called “Do It Yourself Reading Coach” for helping students from second through twelfth grade improve skills. Nichols’ article, “Enrich Your Child’s Education at the Public Library” is a good reminder of all the many ways that libraries educate young people and assist families. Click here to read the article and visit Bookworm Parents.

Quick Mix: Reading is…ahem…sexy!

February 6, 2011

Photo from Reading is Sexy

Book lovers who also troll the waters of Facebook may want to “like” the “Reading Is Sexy” page, which has hundreds of  fans. It leads to some  passionate confessions, such as the one from a reader who asks whether others out there  “read more than 1 book @ a time cause they all so Good.” This led to a response from another reader who said “I have a different book in each room.” Oh, the naughty nuances. Click here to read more.

Quick Mix: White Readers Meet Black Authors

February 5, 2011

Photo from Carleen Brice

Carleen Brice is bright, sassy, a fine novelist and a woman with a mission. All she is saying is give black authors a chance. Visit her innovative Welcome White Folks website where “white readers meet black authors.” Brice’s tongue-in-cheek “Welcome White Folks Video” is a hoot.  Click here to view it. While you’re at the bookstore or the library, look for Brice’s books Orange Mint and Honey and Children of the Waters.

Quick Mix: What did librarians do in 1947?

February 2, 2011

The Internet Archive is a helpful and sometimes hilarious cyberspace library. Here is a documentary, discovered at that website, concerning how to prepare for a career as a librarian in 1947. The manuscript was written by someone named Arthur Twogood, who certainly was too good to be true. He opens by asking viewers if they like books and people. “You do! That’s wonderful…. You may well consider the vocation of a librarian.” Click here to view this, ahem, informative video.

Quick Mix: Color Online looks at ‘Wench’

February 1, 2011

Photo from HarperCollins


Quick Mix is a section of Library Mix (<http://librarymix.com&gt;) that contains short items and library- or book-related links. It is published several times a week.

Color Online is a Detroit nonprofit that operates a library, offers support to local girls and publishes a blog about women writers of color. Literature is its “hub” for positive social change. Take a look at  the current article about Dolen Perkins-Valdez whose novel Wench focuses on a little-known aspect of nineteenth century American history concerning an Ohio resort that catered to slaveholders and their slave mistresses. Ohio was a free state where slavery was illegal. So Perkins-Valdez says one of her driving questions in writing the novel was whether it was “possible for a slaveowner to have a psychological hold over a slave strong enough to prevent that slave from escaping.” Click here to read more.

Quick Mix: How Librarians Can Save the World

February 1, 2011

Photo from Harper Collins

Quick Mix is a section of Library Mix (<http://librarymix.com&gt;) that contains short items and library- or book-related links. It is published several times a week.

Okay, this is a bit old, but well worth a look! Read about Marilyn Johnson’s This Book Is Overdue, How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us AllClick here to read more.