Welcome to Library Mix Archive


Photo Credit: Rest in Peace? by Alexander Boden, Flickr, CC2.0

Like abandoned satellites drifting in outer space, the Internet is littered with dead blogs. In 2010, after a few years of learning how to publish online at a penny-per-view content mill called Examiner.com, I decided that I wanted my own piece of cyber real estate. I had been writing book reviews and articles about libraries and literacy. So I packed up everything I wanted to save and archived it here before launching my own website, Library Mix.

Library Mix covered topics for adults and young adults (Adult Mix), teens (Teen Mix) and children (Kid Mix). It also contained a category for mysteries (Mystery Mix), essays about reading (Mix & Shake) and curated content shorts (Quick Mix).

I planned to write like crazy and then store old website articles here as Library Mix grew, which explains the name of this site. But I discovered that I couldn’t blog like crazy at night, because it wearied me for daytime work substitute teaching and writing like crazy for clients’ blogs. I was getting really, really tired.

Blogs help businesses build brand and increase readership for authors of books. They’re also useful for building communities of like-minded people. Yet the majority of blogs earn little to no money. As much as I believe that learning is its own kind of earning and that I gained a lot of experience from publishing Library Mix, the blog couldn’t put bread on my table.  So I fell away from publishing it, which led to arguments with my inner tormenter late at night during insomnia. This, of course, made it difficult to be well rested for paid work.

I couldn’t kill the tormenter, so the next best thing was to murder my blog. May it rest in peace until you open it up, read something and close the lid.