On the way to the library: A zombie crawl

by Alicia Rudnicki, Library Mix

One of the things a library user dreads is fines, especially in this economy where you hold tight to every nickel and dime. I don’t advocate going overdue, but my fines have been stacking up for Stacey Jay’s You Are So Undead to Me.

Jay’s young adult novel has been so popular that I couldn’t find another copy at any of my local libraries. It’s part of my credo to find the books I read at the library whenever possible. Everybody has their odd compulsions and budget strategies, right?

Demon library debts
Similar to its topic, You Are So Undead has been mouldering on my desktop for months racking up some good money for the county roads of the library district to which it belongs. I feel guilty. I keep telling myself that Heather, the Demon Queen of YA Literature might smile and shake her head, but she really wouldn’t like this.

So I have devised a plan to return this copy to Heather’s library and borrow another from my neighborhood library. That’s part of the reason why I am heading there this fine Saturday.

On my way, I will stop by the local mini mall to observe a “zombie crawl.” This is sort of an elaborate Halloween parade for  zombie fans of all ages. What’s a girl going on grandma supposed to do on a Saturday anyway?

Zombie outlook
It seems that if not mainstream, zombie lovers are crowded aplenty along our culture’s river banks. For example, crawlofthedead.com provides a “worldwide zombie outlook.”

If you are “tired of those pesky humans and their recession [is] keeping you down,” Crawl of the Dead suggests reading Scott Kennemore’s ZEO: A Zombie’s Guide to Getting A(head) in Business, which offers topics such as “how to use your brains and eat theirs.”

Hmmm…I’ll have to look for that one at the library.

Zombie crawling the Internet
If you aren’t familiar with the zombie crawl phenomenon, but you do enjoy searching the Internet, then an interesting eyeful is just a few clicks away. Try some of these other Halloween friendly adult sites:
Zombie Walk
Driven by Boredom and
Zombie Monkey Projects at Philly Zombie Crawl.

Being a former middle school teacher and an officially old person, I realize that my mentioning these cites may seem like the kiss of undead death to some of their fans. I apologize. I remember the laughter I suffered nearly ten years ago when I used the word “hottie” in class. Afterward, I noticed that phrase began its decline.

So maybe some of you who disapprove of zombie wannabes can consider this column a public service, sort of like the citizen journalist as zombie hunter. But I say that we should strive for peaceful coexistence with the supernatural.

Finally, it isn’t just teenagers and adults who are interested in zombies and vampires. Click here to view an excellent and very funny video directed by Ken Gordon, a librarian at the Woodhaven branch of Queens Library.


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