Why guys do and don’t like Twilight

by Alicia Rudnicki, Library Mix

Yes, Virginia, there are boys who like the Twilight series. Maybe you will be lucky enough to spend time with one some day. Let’s consider a few.

First, there is the suspense novelist Brad Meltzer who admitted his passion for Stephenie Meyer’s novels on National Public Radio in late May.  Meltzer’s humorous essay, “Real Men Read (And Love) Twilight—Really” appeared as part of the new series “My Guilty Pleasure” in which, NPR says, “writers talk about the books they’ve loved only secretly.”

One of the few, the proud
“I love this story of the gawky, awkward girl who falls in love with the brooding vampire,” Meltzer writes. “And I love that she can’t get sexual with said vampire because when her blood gets pumping, it’ll send him into a frenzy and he’ll kill her.”

Meltzer says he is looking forward to the next movie (New Moon) in the saga, but he isn’t looking forward to being one of the few men in the movie theater. So he has a challenge for all the Twilight Mothers out there: “Give Twilight to your teenage sons. Give it to your nephews and husbands and other guy types…. Tell them that it’ll help them understand women and therefore help them get dates….”

Second, there is Stephen, at the website Boys Blogging Books who gives a short retell in his review of the book and says Twilight “kept me at the edge of my seat”. For one so young, he is brave to speak up.

Men can learn from Edward Cullen
Third, there is the delightfully wacky Kaleb Nation, the 20-year-old creator of twilightguy.com and many humorous YouTube videos (one is embedded below) paying homage to Stephenie Meyer. Nation is also the author of his own fictional Bran Hambric series, which he began writing at age 14.

Nation began reading the saga a bit more than a year ago. In his entry about chapter two of Twilight, he offers some lessons he has learned from Edward, the vampire boyfriend of the central character. Nation observes that “I am getting hints of why the girls love him. He’s extremely polite for one thing, and when he talks there’s a flourish to it. But something that leaps out at me right off is that he is a professional listener. Guys especially, take heed of what I say next: you must learn this from Edward Cullen.”

Dad and daughter bonding
Fourth, there is “TwilightDad” (a.k.a. Mark) whose story was once (but no longer) posted on Nation’s website. Mark’s curiosity was piqued by the Twilight fervor of his ten-year-old daughter.

Said Mark: “I asked her if there were any military aircraft in the book (“no”), any missiles or guns of any kind (“no”), tanks, submarines, aliens? (“no”,”no”,”no”). So what’s an ex-Tom Clancy aficionado to do? I did try and read the first page, after a lot of insistence from the Little One, and the next, and so on, until I realized I couldn’t put it down….”

Man enough to admit being a fan
Finally, once upon a time and not too long ago on the Internet there was a website titled  “Crazy Hispanic Jesus Freak”, which was created by a 19-year-old named Josay Cruzy.

Cruzy disliked Twilight, but loved New Moon “maybe because the book actually had some, what I say, REAL VAMPIRES: bloodsucking cruel beings.” But he also admitted liking it because he could empathize with the major depression suffered by the main character, Bella Swan, and how she “desperately needed” a friend in whom to confide.

“DON’T judge me for what I like,” Cruzy wrote, “at least I am man enough to admit what I like.”

Boys who prefer “badass” vampires
There are, however, plenty of guys who don’t like the touchy-feely trend in current vampire lit. Take for example 13-year-old Max Leone who has something to say about what boys like to read. His essay, “read this b4 u publish,” in last November’s Publishers Weekly sets editors straight about a number of things including the supernatural.

“Vampires, simply put, are awesome.” But Leone doesn’t like the romance and emotionality of the Twilight series. “However much I mock the literature of yesteryear, it definitely had it right when it came to vampires. The vampire was always depicted as a menacing badass. That is the kind of book teenage boys want to read.”

Leone would probably applaud Cracked.com humorist Ross Wolinsky for his take on what guys want from vampire movies.

“Wah wah” is a no no
In “8 Things Modern Vampires Could Learn From ‘The Lost Boys,’” Wolinsky skewers today’s “whiny” vampires and their “wah wah cry cry cry” music. He prefers the creatures of the night in the 20-year-old movie The Lost Boys. You can view a number of scenes embedded in his article.

Wolinsky prefers vampires who rock to heavy metal, aren’t polite, and hang out in the “homey atmosphere that only the underside of a suspension bridge can provide—preferably one with a freight train passing overhead.”

No Edward Cullen? Virginia, take heart! Edward lives and lives forever to make glad the hearts of girls who do not want to go out on dates with the likes of the Lost Boys. And while you are waiting to meet your own Edward, there are lots of Twilight-themed puppet shows to enjoy on YouTube.


One thought on “Why guys do and don’t like Twilight

  1. I absolutly LOVE Twilight.Yes, I am a male. Ive read the series. Yes, there is mushey love scenes but a lot of the book was BA action.
    I am strait….

    Evrey one who is to manly to try it out well you cant. READ it!

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