Why write about teen vampire fiction?

by Alicia Rudnicki, Library Mix

Imagine two girls, one about 8 and the other 13, trudging hot summer sidewalks for miles to arrive at an invitingly cool movie theater for a double feature of vampire movies.

If their mother knew what it was they were planning to watch, she probably never would have said “Go on, get out of the house!” After all, their mother checks the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for approval of all the television series they view.

They aren’t allowed to watch “Elliot Ness and the Untouchables,” but they cannot resist the likes of Dracula and Frankenstein. The eldest clutches a large, wrinkled brown bag containing lunch to share as they eagerly await the swooning and carnage of their matinee.

Many, many years later, the youngest sister doesn’t remember a thing about the movies. But she does remember having lots of fun with her sister and being proud of the blisters on her feet. And that’s part of the reason why she writes a so many articles about vampire fiction.

That’s all.


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